Tennessee Daily Fantasy Sports Market

Daily Fantasy Sports is a top gaming activity in Tennessee especially in the light of incredibly strict gambling laws. Compared to other states, Tennessee is one of the USA’s most strict where not even social gaming is allowed. Oddly, TN betting sites have never been under such strict regulations with the number of Safe Fantasy Sports Sites which we look at continue attracting thousands of players. The popularity is undoubted the difference between traditional sports compared to DFS sports. DFS sites in Tennessee are among the best daily fantasy sports sites online with industry leaders like DraftKings and more.

Tennessee Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Law

In 2016 Fantasy Sports Act was revised to allow licensed operators in Tennessee to operate legally and within the law. DFS legalization of a sport that is not regarded as a sport but rather games where funds are not exchanged but prizes were given to contestants. DFS legal operators in Tennessee obtained licensing from the Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming which allows for seasonal and daily contests.

What are daily fantasy sports?

Instead of betting against a bookie, players use real athletes that compete against each other. Teams are built with players accessing USA’s Best Daily Fantasy Sports Websites to gather teams that compete against other athletes and teams. Here it is played against a player that ranges from a daily game to contests that play over long periods.

Which Popular Fantasy Sports Sites Will Be Granted Licenses?

Fantasy Sports Sites


Any review of the best daily fantasy sports sites will have DraftKings at the top of the Best Real Money DFS Sites list. While it does not carry the longest established title, it has a strong reputation for the world-best with outstanding mobile app. Any potential sport possible ranging from Major League Baseball to all other college markets is covered. New players get a 100% matching deposit bonus for up to $500 as well as a free bet worth $20.
Fantasy Sports Sites


Join FanDuel and get $10 free with a $5 reward thanking you for signing up. As a site that launched its first fantasy sports long before others on our list, it takes the number 2 spot of best DFS contests online. With its mobile-friendly platform compatible with all devices you will find FanDuel at any review of the best Daily Fantasy Sports apps.
Fantasy Sports Sites


Low deposits starting at $1 are accepted while a $100K cap is placed on games. Here you also get a 100% matching deposit for up to $50 to play sports like NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA.

Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight is a newcomer that joined the fantasy bandwagon.


In 2014 rumors were going around that FantasyDraft is looking at acquiring the site which was seemingly doing well, but it filed for bankruptcy nonetheless making it one less site for sports.


If you are looking for StarStreet online, you will get to DraftKings who acquired the site in 2014.


FanThrowDown has tough competition with leading websites but stands its ground with seven contests and games. It also attracts new players with an excellent welcome of a $300 matching bonus.


DraftOps is meant for casual and instant play without lengthy contests. It launched after the sale of StarStreet as these 2 websites were under the same ownership but contests were not the preference of site owners.


With the number of leading operators, you find FantasyFeud offering only two survivor challenges per week.


WinView is one of the top three Daily Fantasy Sports operators with various season-long fantasy sports contests and daily matches covering major sports.

Types of DFS

  • Guaranteed prize pools – players entering guaranteed prize pools pay entry fees that are pre-fixed. These are large pools with high payouts and if there are not adequate funds the operator tops up to meet the guaranteed prize. The pool is split among the top 25% of active players.
  • Cash games – short and sweet with no lengthy contests like games offered on sites like DraftOps.
  • Head-to-Head – opposite of guaranteed prize pools it is only two players that go head-to-head. This does not fit salary cap-based contest A site takes its share with the balance going to the player with the highest line-up.
  • 50/50 – an equal amount is paid out to the top half of the playing field.
  • Leagues –.any number of players can enter a league. Sites have both private and public leagues and here payouts are slightly smaller compared to extensive tournaments.
  • Tiers – no salary caps here as players are placed in pre-set tiers.
  • Beat the Score – it differs from site to site but basics require that players have a line-up that will beat the score of a site to win their share of a prize pool.
  • Showdown Captain Mode – players build their own team and captains it with the captain winning a higher points rate at 1.5 x and live positions will not be allowed.
  • Single Game – choose specific players that earn higher rates than their own team members while forming part of a team. Participants gather athletes when they picked a team that competes against each other in single games.
  • Parlay, Prop, and Prediction Fantasy Sports – if you are familiar with legal US sports betting you will find it works similarly except it is used on fantasy sports.

Parlay and Prediction Fantasy Sports

Aside from top sites for DFS listed here you also have Boom Fantasy and Yahoo Daily Fantasy sites that offer somewhat traditional bet types like predictions and parlays. While sports betting was banned in Tennessee until very recently, bettors will find that in this instance the lines between these two sporting types blur. These are used in traditional sports bets but also cross over to fantasy gaming.

Sports offered in daily fantasy

Football (NFL) – comes with NFL season stats, players best statistics, line ups based on player statistics

  • Basketball (NBA) – offers players schedules and bets, Super Bowl best statistics as well as DraftKings NBA tool and FanDuel NBA tool
  • Baseball (MLB) – learn where the best daily fantasy players’ statistics can be accessed plus line optimizers
  • Hockey (NHL) – a full hockey lineup tool for top sites, DraftKings + FanDuel, line up optimizing, draft board as well as premium DFS sheets.
  • College football – access injuries + news, stats, rankings, leagues, depth charts + compile point before taking part
  • College basketball – learn where to bet plus recent trends, advanced lineups, news, injuries, daily matchup based on player statistics, team stats, projections, odds, and more.
  • Golf – access everything from injuries to results, news, field stats, player stats, tournament fields, scoring, and roster requirements from full cheat sheets.
  • NASCAR – see where to bet as well as racing stats and results, averages, career history of drivers, amount of buy-in points, track types, etc.
  • Soccer – one of the most detailed reports without placing a bet and making an informed decision. Get full detailed reports and cheat sheets including EFL, EPL, UEL. Also, injuries + news, line ups, projections, tables, who is the responsible person that drafts the team, position and defense stats, team trends, if there is a salary cap set by the site
  • Mixed martial arts – injuries, news, online rankings, top contenders, last results
  • Esports (like CS: GO, League of Legends, Dota 2) – schedules, gaming stats, or current and past LOL and other top games, which players to target, which teams to target.
  • UEFA European Championships – one of the most important and very detailed reports and cheat sheets that include guaranteed prize pools that can be expected on different sites as well as their different fixtures and results.

Top NFL Contests for DFS Players

  • FANDUEL SUNDAY NFL RUSH – an entry of $5 to partake in a $2 million prize pool
  • DRAFTKINGS ACTION CONTEST – $3 entry to partake in a prize pool of $1.5 million
  • FANDUEL NFL SUNDAY MILLION – $25 entry to share a prize pool of $1 million
  • MILLIONAIRE MAKER DRAFTKINGS – NFL entry of $20 to win a share of a $7 million prize pool.

How is DFS Different from Sports Betting?

Since Tennessee residents couldn’t bet on any sports, DFS became the number one sport. While it is being called sports betting, it is not as there are key differences as well as similarities. You can make money with both sports betting and DFS and numerous betting types are similar. The difference mainly comes from DFS playing against other people while you bet against a bookmaker when accessing a sportsbook.

What is the Difference Between Daily Fantasy Sports vs. Season-Long Fantasy?

  • Season-long fantasy is a commitment-based contest while DFS is quick in and out with more flexibility.
  • Season-long fantasy has a limited number of teams that participate for an entire season while the pools are DFS attract tens of thousands every week.
  • Season-long contests have several high-stakes pools but it dwindles in comparison to the billion-dollar industry that DFS has turned into. Players can expect serious prize pools from major league play especially NFL season while others like NBA and NHL also get pools worth hundreds of thousands to millions.

What not to do in DFS

Everyone has their own take on what to do and what not in any sports and gambling while DFS has its specifics that shouldn’t be ignored if you want to make it.

Do not attempt professional players especially when you start out with DFS. Unless you spend your days and nights at DFS sites as the pro players do, play with normal people that do not stake their entire livelihood on a match.

Do not ignore the news as this is where you learn about seasonal and recent injuries you wouldn’t know about.

Forget about following the crowds when they decide on using only the heroes that have established themselves. Remember that those heroes once were today’s news too and find your own current stars at times too.

Tennessee Daily Fantasy Sports FAQ

Are daily fantasy sports legal?

Yes, daily fantasy sports are not classified as betting and not as any form of gambling. Even in strict states like Tennessee where sports betting and gambling were banned, DFS remained legal. DFS did and still do have a legal license to operate in Tennessee.

How much money is in daily fantasy sports?

It is one of the highest monetary betting types with it classified as a billion-dollar gaming industry online. DSF made $335 million in the 2017 – 2018 fiscal year.

Can you play on more than one daily fantasy sports website?

There is diversity in numbers as with any online betting form, however, as opposed to sportsbooks, the number of DSF sites are not as much. A handful are available with 2 top sites being DraftKings as well as FanDuel.

Is DFS just a form of sports betting?

The line between the two can get blurry and while many would regard them the same, it has major differences. While both involve money, DSF works on the principle of winning a share of prize pool and in online sports you simply win a bet.

How do I deposit on a daily fantasy sports site?

Choose your favorite site out of the recommended sites and register a player's account. In your members' section you will have a cashier offering various banking methods, choose the one you prefer.

Do you have to pay taxes on DFS winnings?

Yes, DFS winnings are like other sports, tax-deductible.

What is the most popular daily fantasy sport?

Football with its different leagues and high winning and payout potential might very well be the most popular.

What is the minimum age required to participate in DFS?

You must be 21 years to participate in online DFS and your age will be verified using the geo-location software that is available in sports apps and online DFS and sportsbook sites.

Can you make money playing daily fantasy sports?

Sports offered in daily fantasy can offer big prizes with tremendous prize pools. You will be able to make money when you play at the best site and choose your sports wisely.
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