A Guide To The Best Tennessee NBA Online Sports Betting Sites

NBA Betting

The Tennessee Legislature has approved the law to sanction online sportsbooks in April 2019 without the signature of the Governor. The law permits the licensed and regulated online sports betting sites in TN to operate in the state of Tennessee. However, it took some time for the operator licenses to launch the sports betting sites. Finally, on 1st November 2020, a set of sportsbooks was launched through which players can wager on basketball tournaments.

As mobile sports betting in Tennessee is legal, so the coming NBA season will be special for the citizens. It allows you to bet on events from your web browser or mobile. Before you prepare for the next season, a full review on Tennessee NBA betting is here. Well, go through it to collect some information before you start playing.

The TN Legal Sports Betting

Earlier, it was planned that four Tennessee NBA betting sites would be launched, but in the end, only three came into life. This section will give you every detail on the top TN sports betting app to wager on basketball Conferences.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Initially, BetMGM was only a website for Nevada’s famous casino and hotel, The MGM. But they expanded their platform to become one of the real money betting sites in Tennessee. That’s the reason the site is named MGM sportsbook. The official partner is Tennessee Titans, and the platform offers a 100% deposit match bonus of $500. A promo code must be used to avail of the bonus, and it is PLAYBONUS. Deposit an amount of $25 at least, after which you can use the promotion.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is new to the sector, but still, it has been the players’ first choice without a doubt. In whichever states the sportsbook has started operating, it has received a lot of praise from users. A $1,000 risk-free bet is given to participants signing up on the platform. It means even if you win your first bet, you do not lose your money. Signing up on the TN retail sportsbook is the easiest, and it has an app for iOS and Android devices. Enjoy sports betting by signing up on the platform at the earliest.

DraftKings Sportsbook

The betting on NBA online sites is known for providing a user-friendly interface. The interesting part is players can seamlessly switch between a web to a mobile browser. A bonus of $1025 is offered by the website to new bettors. It is divided into two parts; the first part gives a $25 free bonus, while the next one is a 20% match deposit up to $1000. The site works only inside the borders of the state, and geolocation technology is used to check that. Plenty of aspects are there on the live betting site, and you can get to know when you sign up.

The Betting Types

The NBA is a professional league where you will get multiple options to wager on. It is said that the basketball sports league is not so popular in Tennessee as football, but some sports fans are there interested in betting. Well, in this section, get to know about the betting types available in TN are:

  • Moneyline: It is a simple bet where you are trying to choose the winner of the match to take the Deciding the right team is not at all easy as everyone has the ability to win. If you wish to make your predictions correct, ensure that you have enough information on both teams.
  • Teasers And Parlays: Many experienced players wish to go ahead with multiple wagers, and for them, parlays and teasers are the best options. The payout increases when you include more teams, but there is a risk associated with them.
  • Point Spread: It is a popular wager a team is expected to win by a certain margin. Gamblers can select both favorites and underdogs, and the odds are changed accordingly.
  • Totals: A specified number is stated by the website, indicating the combined score of both teams. Well, the bet is to predict whether the total will be over/ under. Over stands when the score is higher, and under when it is less than the specified number.
  • Prop: It is a wager placed on a team or players, stating if they will go to the NBA Finals. It can also be about how many goals a particular player will make, etc. The other name is propositions, and the bets can be made correctly if you have enough information on the past performances of the players.
  • Futures: The wager is not on a particular team but on a situation that needs to be attained by the team. It can be who you think will win the NBA Championship, March Madness,
  • Live Betting: It is a bet on individual NBA games in TN and made when the game has already started.

TN NBA Bonuses

The Tennessee NBA betting apps have recently come up, so there are not many variations in the bonuses, but soon you will start receiving a variety of offers. However, the bonuses offered by in-play NBA betting sites are:

  • Risk-Free Bets: Here, when you place a bet, and in case you do not win, your money will not get wasted as it is risk-free. Some websites offer the best that you can place while wagering via the platform.
  • Match Deposit Bonus: When you deposit a certain amount, the website will refund you a certain amount. It can be a 100%, 50%, or 20% of match deposit.
  • No Deposit Bonus: It is a bonus given to newbies without making a transaction. You can use the amount to place wagers on the tournament.

When Is Betting The Biggest?

The Regular Season is the biggest time for betting as all the teams are present. It means players can bet on their favorite teams so the sportsbook will be flooded with new and existing players. March Madness is also considered to be one of the biggest wagers.

The Wagering Tips

Our ultimate guide includes some wagering tips which if you follow will help in making the correct choice. In case you do not want to, you can skip this section and prepare your strategy.

  • Plan Your Budget: Some players do not prepare an estimate which states how much they will invest. When they do not win a single bet, they tend to get upset over it. That’s why; it is better to prepare a budget and stick to that if you are winning every bet.
  • Recent updates: Check the recent update about the tournament and the players’ state. Look at their previous performance data as well to predict how they will perform this time.
  • Keep track of the schedules: The next season schedule is out, so ensure that you note on which day your favorite team is playing. It will help you in placing the bet accordingly. Also, check how many matches they have played previously in this season, or it is their first match, etc. A team that has performed three to four matches may lose in front of a team playing the second match. Therefore, collect as much information as you can.

Latest News

Due to the Covid-19, there was a doubt about the upcoming season. But now the update has come that the Regular Season is ready to start from 22nd December. A 134-pages guide containing the information of health standards is released, which players must follow.

Sign Up For The Sportsbook

Citizens are happy after the sportsbook came to live in Tennessee. In a short span, a lot of players have already signed up. Well, players who are still thinking about whether to sign up must go ahead and do it before the season starts. This time you will have a different experience while watching the tournament as you will also get to win some money. Go for it and share your review with us!

Tennessee NBA Online Sports Betting FAQ

Can I bet on the NBA online in Tennessee?

Yes, you can. The sportsbooks available are FanDuel, BetMGM, and DraftKings. Soon many other sportsbooks will be launched, but by that time, you can sign up on any of the three.

What types of bets can I make on NBA games in TN?

The bets on events are parlays, Moneylines, points spread, props, futures, live betting, etc. Check out the meaning of every bet before you start wagering on each of them. It will increase your chance of winning the wagers.

What factors should be considered while betting on NBA Finals online? 

The factors are the past performance of the players, how well they are prepared for the match, if there is any injury they have encountered recently, etc.

How often does the home team win in the NBA?

It is an interesting question, but giving a direct answer to the question is not possible. It depends on the teams and their preparation level. However, according to the stats, 60% of the Regular Season team wins in the home stadium.

Why do basketball betting lines move?

The basketball betting lines are set by the sportsbook, and it is changed to enhance the chance of making profits.

How does over/under work in NBA betting?

It is a combined score of both the teams predicted by the sportsbook operator. If you bet on over/ under or totals, you must choose between two of them. If you think it will be more, choose over; or else under.
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